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Inside Harbor
  60FT    #208

To all 60ft mooring buyers, here’s your chance to own an affordable 60ft mooring inside Avalon harbor. Well protected location which has easy access, only 3 cans in from the main fairway. This mooring also offers an abundance of late afternoon sun, wide fairway and a short hop to the main dinghy dock on the Green Pier. Hurry, this one won’t last!

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#208  locator map

Inside Harbor 
40 FT - #125

Attention 40ft mooring buyers, this is THE premium 40ft mooring in Avalon Harbor. This mooring is located in the most protected, unobstructed area of the harbor. The fairway behind the mooring offers wider space, allowing easier access to pickup the wand/mooring. This one will not last; summer’s coming!! 

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Premium Location

#125 locator map

Inside Harbor 30FT  “S”

Hello, 30ft mooring buyers! This is a premium 30ft mooring on the “alphabet row” inside Avalon Harbor. Located in a very protected, unobstructed area of the harbor. The fairway behind the mooring offers very light boat traffic for safer swimming and frolicking in the water. It also allows easier access to pick up the mooring wand. Don't wait!
Make your offer now!! 

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#S locator map

Descanso Bay
50FT  W40

Get ready for summer fun in Descanso Bay. The nearby rocks provide great snorkeling and scuba for the undersea enthusiasts and it’s just a short hop to Descanso beach and the famous Descanso beach bar. Hurry, a recent and serious price reduction makes this a very desirable mooring and won’t last!!

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#W40 locator map

Descanso Bay W2

W2 –  Very nice, quiet location, close to the Casino away from the noise at the Descanso Beach Bar. Relaxing and mellow. Easy access to getting on the mooring and close to the dinghy docks on the inside. A great value!

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#W2 locator map

Inside Harbor
50FT    #149

Great location directly in front of the Tuna Club; see My Map. Easy access to the mooring, and great neighbors! This well protected mooring offers a flat water location with more of the afternoon sun. This mooring has been owned by the same family for 5+ decades! 
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#149 locator map

 Inside Harbor  
30ft     "L"

AVALON Mooring “L” is a 30 Foot available now. You can’t get any closer to the CIYC action in Avalon!! Located in a very protected part of the harbor which gives you flat water and very little boat wakes. The mid harbor dinghy dock (between Tuna Club and CIYC) and fuel/Casino docks are just a few minutes away. Own your own piece of Avalon! 
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"L" locator map

Inside Harbor
30ft      #8

MOOR Avalon Mooring #8 has it all, close to the main dinghy dock, abundant afternoon sun, short swim to the beach, inside Avalon harbor, close to the action and priced to sell. This mooring allows rafting up with your friends, if you wish!!

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#8 locator map

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Bob Locke

Please feel free to call me with your questions. There is more to buying and/or selling a mooring than you would think (Lots of rules). I have a great deal of knowledge from 15+ years of experience selling moorings in Avalon. I love Avalon and have been going there regularly over the past 50 years!


This is my 55ft custom sailboat which I’ve been sailing to “The Island” on for the past 1 years, she was proceeded by a Cal 48, Catalina 38, Peterson 42, C&C41 and a 5.5 meter. All of these boats I singlehanded sailing, docking and putting the boats on the moorings solo!

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